Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My 4th of July post {2011}

This ones going down in the "refer back to so you don't make this mistake again" post.

We usually have a full day of activities, friends and food for the 4th of July but this year we decided to take it easy.....easy as in we made no plans or food and decided not to go to the parade and because there's a ban on fireworks we wouldn't be doing that either. I thought this was the best thing for our family this year as it's a challenge to travel and be in the heat with our little Bubby. Although I knew Little Miss would have loved every minute of the parade...(well minus the loud sirens on the firetrucks) we knew it would be a lot of work for this outing.

So the day rolls around and the babies actually slept in until 9, this made me begin the day with a good feeling about not rushing off somewhere but once we were done with breakfast and it was time for me to nurse the baby and check the computer I was instantly slapped in the face via social networking to realize that we were the only losers sitting at home by ourselves. Man...before facebook you didn't have to deal with reality as much. I sometimes like being in the dark that I'm not having as much fun as the rest of the world.  Anyways...the day went on and it seemed like every good thing I did was retroactive....I threw a fit.....I got sad and upset. When dinner rolled around and I was making mexican food is when the crocodile tears came....MEXICAN FOOD?????Why?? It's the 4th of July! We should be eating BBQ, tons of mayonnaise based sides, chips and dips and an endless amount of desserts. My husband felt another child-like temper tantrum coming on so he made the decision to send me to the store for some Blue Bell and make the most of the last two hours of this day with ice cream cones and swimming in the backyard. He's a good man and puts up with a lot.

I returned home and found the pool ready to go. Little Miss walked straight from the car and into the pool....with little concern if it was okay or her that's just what you do when the pool has water in it. Who needs to take off clothes or a diaper...just walk right in.

Thank you husband for always knowing how to handle me. Thank you Lord for Grace. And thank you  postpartum hormones for making this day possible.

Lesson learned...even if something takes a lot of work, if it's important to you then it's worth it.


  1. I love that little ice cream smeared face. Baby E looks like he like the pool idea too. Love ya'll. Nonnie

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  2. totally understand the sentiment... I've felt this way on too many holidays I didn't prepare for. If it makes you feel any better we were lazy half the day, cleaned the other half and ate Indian for dinner... (but we did do fireworks the night before that made it all okay for me). Next year I have no doubt you'll have make sure to have one heck of an Independence Day!!

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