Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Randomness

I hate it when I'm eating a snack, leave the room thinking I had some left..... return and it's all gone. Being the only one home I realize I devoured it faster than I thought but then I want what I thought was still there. Am I the only one that this happens to?

Parenthood has caused me to welcome pajamas by 8:15 and bed by 9.... even on a Friday night.

There should be a rule that every recipe in a cookbook have a picture.

I run so I can listen to my ipod alone.

When I'm 35 and seeing a doctor for early knee replacments I will look back at that time I did the Insanity workout.

I'm pretty sure I could sand a piece of furniture down with the bottom of my feet right now...geez I need a pedicure or a pumice stone!

It's too darn hot to be insecure about my legs.

I can relate!

I'll never understand why men talk to the tv during sporting events.

Every time I'm outside and actually kill the mosquito that's after me I sing a little song in my head and it goes like this.." da...da...da....another one bites the dust."

I want to make this.

Remember the time when there was no itunes or youtube and you waited by your stereo system for your favorite song to come on...tape ready...song comes on...hit record..so you could listen to the song over and over again? And it was such a bummer when you got some of the dj's voice on your mix tape.

I thorougly enjoy draining the mop water out of the sink to see how much dirt has settled to the bottom. It almost makes the task fun.

After cleaning those floors I'm always tempted to hang a sign on my door, "remove thy shoes."

A nat flew in my right ear last week and I'm pretty sure it's still in there.

I may or may not have watched the Justin Bieber movie "Never Say Never."

I could eat this every day.

I really dislike buying toilet paper and paper towels, almost to the point that I try and put it off. Clearly this is a bad thing to do.

Why is it that I need to sneeze as soon as I've gotten my baby to fall asleep in my arms? When I feel it coming, a wave of panic comes over me...I hold my breath....pinch my nose....and  assess the scene around me to find the closest item to cover my face and muffle the sound. I'm certain I look ridiculous but I will do just about anything to insure that I don't wake him up.

This would be fun AND a perfect space saver.

I woke up from my nap yesterday and found out through facebook what my husband really does when were asleep.
"I just took my wife's car to the car wash. Midway through said car wash I had the urge to crack the window and put my hand in the blue spinning things that brush the car. Didn't hurt. Got a little wet. Closed window on fingers. I have no regrets."

If you know me you know what I'm watching this summer.

You should also know that when I'm alone I pretend that I can dance these routines.....and I'm pretty much awesome!


  1. Ha, ha! I have had so many of the same thoughts lately. We should go get a pedicure sometime in the near future. I need one so bad!

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  2. Loved this :) Thanks for sharing...doily lamp = YES (its on my list too)
    Oh and I am sooo the same way with the TP and PT. WTH?!

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  3. Your MIL on the other hand is compulsive about having TP & PT on hand! Love you! Nancy

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  4. Loved this whole post! That salad looks delcious and I love the puppet theater :)


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  5. enjoyed this post. matt's car wash story was cracking me up!! :)

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  6. i liked the laundry sign so much I printed it and it's now framed hanging on my 'office' wall. Thanks for the laugh Robyn!

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  7. oh Lord. that made me laugh so hard!
    i love sytycd too! LOVE IT!!! does it come on hulu?

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  8. Mandi- It does come on Hulu and I believe it runs a week later. We need to watch it together sometime!

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  9. HI-larious!! I'm with you on the pedicure. And Matt's car wash story is so stinkin' funny! :)

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  10. Mary Connally June 29, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    you are an AWESOME dancer and you are not alone in your Justin Beiber fascination :) I actually cried in the movie.

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  11. This is so so funny! I ALWAYS leave a drink at the table thinking there is about 2-3 sips left and come back to find it empty and have no one blame it on but myself.

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