Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everything Is Different

Working out these days looks different than before. When I survey the scene it's comical to me how much stuff I see..... little girl, puppy, teddy bear, little girl hand weights like mommy (aka plastic cups), little girl on mommy... you know the typical ambiance every die hard athlete has. At one point I was doing the jumping jacks and hit her shopping cart with my foot and heard it fly across the made me laugh and fill up with gratitude for this life. All the stuff, the distractions, the flabby belly and lack of alone time adds up to be my greatest joy and calling.
Thank you Jesus for this life.


  1. Love these pics Robyn! Just wait until Baby E is mobile and you two kiddos on your tummy!!

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  2. This is so cute! It is good to have an exercise partner...especially such a cute one. Love the pic of Baby Boy too. Paw Paw said "he's fat". I told him that mama is taking care of him and feeding him good :) Love, Nonnie & Paw Paw

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  3. This IS really funny! But, may I just say, way to get on some exercise, girl!

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