Monday, May 23, 2011

Duck Party

Since Little Miss was a baby she has been in love with ducks. I'm pretty sure her first words went like this..."dada," "mama," "guck." She has a little stuffed animal duck that quacks that she takes everywhere and is now sharing it with her Bubby to make his car rides more enjoyable like it did for her. When it came time to plan her second Birthday party I knew we had to have it at her favorite duck park. Having it at a park made things easier on me and fun for the kids. I really tried to keep things simple and sweet and I love how it all turned out.

The kiddos loved feeding the ducks, some were experiencing it for the first time.

I'm so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with us despite the rainy weather. It's ironic that when the forecast is a 20% chance of rain that's when we get a good shower. I had been saying I wanted Little Miss to get to play in the rain so bad, it just so happens it came to fruition at her outdoor Birthday party.


  1. What an adorable party!

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  2. adorable theme, set up, outfit, coordinating family outfits, and 2 year old!!! And glad the peach boxes made their way into the celebration :)
    I'm still trying to figure out what the yellow thing is behind the trees in the first photo...??

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  3. What a perfect party! (except for the rain) She will love to look back on these photos and know how much effort you put into it--all while caring for a newborn! You need to bring her to see our ducks one day.

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  4. Oh! It turned out so cute! I love the duck cookies!

    Alli- that yellow thing is a train! Us Brenhamites don't even notice it anymore!

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