Thursday, April 21, 2011

She is love

Nonnie left yesterday.
I cried all day like a scared little girl that got dropped off at her first sleepover.
I know I can make it on my own but there's a comfort of having your Mom around.
I say Mom because that's what she is to me. Technically speaking she is Matt's mom
but the more we go through together the more I love her.
She is comfort to me.
She is Love.
She is nurturing.
She is sassy.
She is giving.
She is patient.
She is funny.
She is precious.


  1. What a sweet post.
    I remember my first day alone with Toby. I cried all day and so did he!!! My first day alone with two babies was just as overwhelming.
    The next few months will be difficult, but anytime you or Arabelle or Elijah or Matt need a break, I know a family down the street ready to provide!
    You are a doing a great job Robyn.

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  2. What a blessing to have a wonderful relationship like that with your Mother-in-law...I feel the same way about mine!
    The package is on it's way! You should get it by next week! :)

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  3. Robyn, Thank you so much for the kind words. Mother-in-laws don't usually get such good reviews. I will try to live up to your description.

    I am thankful you feel better today. It was hard to leave you yesterday but I knew you could take care of your family. I had no doubt.

    You have been the object of my prayers for many years. When Matt was about 4 yrs old I started praying for the mate God was preparing for him and here you are! I will continue to pray for you till I can't pray anymore. Love you, Nonnie (Mom)

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