Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finger Painting

We decided it was time to get this little girl some finger paints. I had been looking forward to doing this activity with her with this nice weather knowing  it could easily go from painting a piece of paper to her entire body and a bath immediately following.
I stand correct in that thought.

Here's a shadow box idea I found a while back on Martha Stewart Living I thought would be perfect for this memory.


  1. We love paint at our house too! What a great idea to strip them down to a diaper and get creative outdoors. Way less mess than the kitchen table!

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  2. beautiful pictures, wow! can't wait till its warm enough to strip the kids down and get messy outside! :) awww, summer.
    great blog, btw!


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  3. oh my goodness!!!! I thing u had the right idea. when i tried i made bean be "clean". next time I will take your lead and go outside. nice going!!!!!! wish you did this post BEFORE i introduced this medium to her. LOL!!!!!!!!

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  4. Oh I love that shadow box idea! One of my favorite pics of Dylin is from when she was 2 covered in paint. It's on my fridge. I'm gonna do this!

    Another fun, messy paint idea: roll out a huge sheet of paper. I usually use mail wrapping from the $ store. Squirt some tempra paint on the end. Throw some cars (for wheel prints), marbles, sticks, leaves, whatever out there. They have fun messing with that for a while, but then the real fun starts when they go rolling in making full body prints!

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