Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Date

This weekend we ventured out of the house for our annual Valentines date to the Galleria and Build a Bear. Last year we did this with Arabelle and had such a great time we decided to make it a tradition. In case you didn't know, that's what Aggies do. We do something once, like it, decide to do it it's a tradition. In my opinion a tradition is a good thing to establish on holidays like Valentines Day, it takes out any unnecessary disappointment and expectations. 

This year was a lot different than last year. Arabelle enjoyed walking around the mall, picking out her monkey and sitting next to the fountain to watch the train pass by. We had a fabulous time, came home and went to bed by 9:30. I guess when you don't leave the house in over a week a big Houston outing can really wipe you out.

To go down memory are last years pictures.


  1. Alright! If you're out building monkeys, you MUST be feeling better, right?

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  2. I love those kinds of little traditions.

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  3. oh SO sweet!!! some really good photos!!!

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