Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gotta Love em'

Men are sometimes clueless when it comes to compliments. I mean..they mean well but it doesn't always come out the right way. Take for instance this past summer I had been working in the kitchen for hours making homemade strawberry jelly and when we opened the first jar to taste it my husbands compliment was, " wow, this taste just as good as Smuckers!" Really? I was going for this taste nothing like something you would buy in the store. The funny thinng is that I knew he meant it tasted like something people would buy but it just didn't come out that way.

I told my friend Rachel about this "compliment" and she said she expereinced the same thing when she had slaved in the kitchen over a homemade pasta dish and when they sat down to eat it her husbands compliment was, "this is kinda like the new Pizza Hut pasta."

Oh boys...silly boys!

So I found that this starts very young in a man and they are completely unaware. most recent "compliment." My husband is a Teacher/Coach at the High School and last night we had some of his boys over for dinner. I had been preparing the BBQ all day long, made a homemade BBQ sauce....all the works. We sit down at the table to enjoy my laborious meal and one of the boys looks up and says, "this is such a good sloppy joe!"
My response, "thank you," my husband chuckled under his breath knowing that young man had just done the typical male compliment. You just gotta laugh at the differences between a man and a women.

As we went to bed last night we laughed about this trait in a man. If you have experienced one of these "compliments" I would love it if you posted it in the comment section.


  1. I wouldn't even know where to start---this happens so regularly at our house! I have learned to let those little comments roll off or else I would have my feelings hurt all the time!!

    His famous compliment, "This meal is delicious...or maybe I am just really hungry!" Gotta love them!

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  2. hahaha!!! Yeah. Let's see

    "wow- this doesn't even taste healthy"
    "that dress almost looks store bought"
    "this is good. know what would make it REALLY good? throw some cheese on top"

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  3. Love all the examples. Josh nearly got slapped once for calling my all day Beef Bourguignon "stew". Um $30 a pound fillet is SO not stew.

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