Monday, January 17, 2011

We got a new car

It's a little Fred Flinstone-ish.
Pink, purple and white in color and makes a little girl as happy as can be.
We got it earlier this week and let her play with it inside because of this yucky weather.
Today we got a little relief from the rain and hit the ground running.

We also experienced sidewalk chalk for the first time today. Arabelle had other things on her mind but I sure enjoyed it.


  1. This is PRECIOUS!!!!! I love it. She is kicking the tires & checking it out before she takes it out for a spin. Tell her Nonnie will expect to check her driving skills next time I come down for a visit. Love, Nonnie

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  2. Oh! That sweet pea!
    I love doing sidewalk chalk with the kids. I can do that all afternoon!

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