Saturday, January 8, 2011


I never know what the day holds. Some mornings start off with the usual routine and others start of with cowboy boots.
I mean what's a girl to do when her pants are wet first thing in the morning? Well...take them off of course, pull up her boots and go about the day.

* My sweet friend Holly brought over a tub of boy stuff as soon as we found out we were having a boy. Little Miss helped me dig through all the goods and soon discovered a cowboy boot. She instantly put on the one boot and began walking around the house while I searched for the other boot. The other boot was nowhere to be found but that didn't stop Little Miss from wearing one boot all day long. I gave Holly a call and she saved the day when she rushed the other boot to us. As you can see she loves them. Thank you Holly!


  1. Arabelle is going to show Baby Brother how it all works!! She has to check everything out first to see if it is okay for him. If it passes Big Sister's inspection then it is good to go. Is she enjoying the tractor he got for Christmas? She has a whole year to enjoy it before he will need it :) Love, Nonnie & PawPaw

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  2. you must frame that first pic. it's precious and wonderful in every way!

    i love those sweet baby legs. so adorable!

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  3. oh my can't handle an adorable little girl in boots!!! just too much

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