Friday, December 17, 2010

My cup runneth over

Over the past week it seems like things have slowed down just a bit or maybe were making the most of our time together as a family. I absolutely can't get enough of Arabelle with her Daddy. I love how she adores him. If he tells her he loves her she stops whatever she's doing to go and give him a kiss. When she knows he's about to leave to go to work she runs to the door so she doesn't miss a chance to wave and kiss him goodbye.

Yesterday I made a run into Houston for some Christmas shopping and left Little Miss at home with Daddy. I missed getting that time at home with them, I know deep down that it's good for Mommy to not always be around and let them have their special time. When I pulled in the drive later that night I spotted their shoes lined up together on the porch. The image instantly made my heart smile. Daddy said they raked leaves in the backyard. I can only imagine the fun they had together.

Here are some moments over the past week that remind me how blessed I am.


  1. What a sweet post!?! Just precious!

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  2. What a great Daddy! I love watching "Scotch" with Daddy, too... something about a little girl and her dad. :) So precious!

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  3. made me smile!
    girl, if you keep posting your new mad skills with the camera you will soon have an addiitonal job at my wedding ; )

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  4. Oh Robyn! So, so sweet. Those shoes...sheesh!!! I get all sentimental about that kind of stuff too. Like my toothbrush next to John's in the jar. That one always gets me!

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