Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting in front of the camera

For Christmas I made Matt a family album using all of the pictures we had taken in 2010. I noticed something that made me a bit sad....I was in very few pictures. This is common in most is always the one taking the pictures. It's not that dad doesn't want mom to be in the pictures but it's not natural  for dad to initiate grabbing the camera and shooting a sweet moment...and how weird does it feel to say, "hey can you take a picture of me?" Why is it so hard to ask that? It's not vein, yet it feels that way.

I have decided for the year 2011 to make sure that at least once a week I'm in a picture doing life with my little family. It's going to feel weird at first. I'm going to have many failed pictures and very few keepers BUT it will be something my kids and I will cherish in the future. I want them to see what we did day in day out and to know that I wasn't just in the distance but I was right there with them. Sure setting up the camera and timer will feel a little "staged" at first but in reality it was what we were doing.We might be in our pj's. I might not have makeup on. It might be out of focus. Parts of our bodies might get cut out of the picture but I'm sure to capture some sweet moments in the process.

So....rather than waiting until the new year I started today. Little Miss and I were playing with puzzles in her room when we noticed the squirrels burying pecans in the backyard...we were both looking out the window when it occurred to me that I should capture this moment. We look out of this window often so I knew it was something I wanted to capture. I ran and got the camera and out of 147 pictures I have 1 that I love. To me that's worth it.

I encourage you to take on the same challenge.
I promise you won't have any regrets.
I'm excited to see these pictures improve through the year...It can only go up from here.


  1. Loved the pics Robyn---so sweet! I feel you on this one...I always volunteer as the photographer and often look back at pictures wondering why it looks like I wasn't there!!

    Like the new layout/background as well!

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  2. fabulous realization! Can't wait to see more of YOU!!!

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  3. These are great!! I love that you are trying to get in front of the camera more! I did that once a week last year (some weeks I forgot) but those are my favorite photos!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment :O) I look forward to seeing more of your photos with you in them :O)

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  4. That is so great. Once a week is too ambitious for me. I am trying to get twice a month--one with my husband and one with kids. It is sad there are so many events that look like I wasn't there.
    Great idea with the timer.

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