Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Pictures

Drove to Mansfield
Went to Six Flags
Drove to Frost
Drove to Brenham
Drove to Katy
Drove back to Brenham
Whew....were tired.
Enjoyed our time with family.
Happy to be home and resting together.
Little Miss wasn't as interested in the toys as she was the food. She's just like her Daddy. I could skip all the gifts and give food alone and both of them would have been just as happy as can be.
I was certain Little Miss was going to love getting her very own backpack with a zipper. Not so much!
She loves her shopping cart and tent but I still think she loves the food more.
* Side note- the teddy grahams were in my stocking.....oh the sacrifices a parent must make. 


  1. Loved the progression of the "melt down" & recovery with Teddy Grahams. The pic of you & Rebecca is great! Such beautiful girls! Thanks for the blog update Robyn, you're the best:) Give Arabelle a big hug & kiss from Nonnie & PawPaw

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  2. excellence. Although seeing Belle is always fabulous, the photo of you and Bec is my favorite- it's a great one!!

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