Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween-ish post

I've got to be honest I've never been a fan of Halloween. Not just the celebration of darkness bit but as a kid my costumes were ALWAYS homemade and not the creative and cute homemade but the "well, what do we have here???" homemade. So I never really got into it.

This past weekend my heart has been softened to this strange little holiday we celebrate. Matt and I dressed up for a murder mystery party and had a ball. On Sunday we dressed our little miss up and took her trick or treating and we seriously had the most fun we have had in a long time.
We loved that she enjoyed wearing her ski suite of a costume.
We loved that she understood the drill after getting to collect treats at the first house.
We loved how thankful she was for each treat.
She loved walking to houses and knocking on the door.
She LOVED that everybody adored her. I'm not gonna lie, her parents liked that part as well.

One of our sweet friends gave her a bag of goldfish early into the night and so after she got a treat from somebody we would give her some goldfish. Matt made the point that Arabelle was under the impression that she just collected 5 pounds of goldfish and she couldn't have been happier.
All in all we had SO SO SO MUCH FUN!!!

So, I'll start with the ugly.
I was given the character of a Bounty Hunter for our Murder Mystery Party and Matt was given the character of Wyatt Earp.
Because I kinda dig this guy....I went with it.

While pulling together this costume my favorite part just might have been when I went to check out at the thrift store and the lady at the register told me what a beautiful shirt that was.

Now to the's my Elephant, Mouse, Ant Eater of a little girl.

Then there was the Pumpkin Patch


  1. She was absolutely precious---glad you guys stopped by!! Thanks for not getting me in the pictures as well...I was looking rough in my cleaning clothes!

    Loved your costume as well---took me a while to figure out it was you when I first saw it on Veronica's Facebook!

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  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!
    Took me so long to really realize and believe that was you, Robyn. HILARIOUS. Seriously funny.
    and LOVE Matt's outfit. really fabulous.


    OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so sad I wasn't there in person to see little Belle as an elephant. Want to eat her with a spoon!!! SO SO SO stinkin cute!

    May be my favorite post ever... at least in the tip top few

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  3. I, too, had to really keep looking to really see that it was you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

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  4. My little elephant is a living doll. You & Matt were a pretty interesting pair too. Love you all. Nonnie

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  5. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am laughing so hard at you being the bounty hunter!!! hilarious!

    And little miss is precious as always!

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  6. I did not think that was you and by reading your other comments I'm glad I wasn't the only one that didn't think that was you. You did a great job with the costume!

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