Monday, November 15, 2010

Kinda a lot...Kinda nothing

Last week we went to the Doctor and got to see our sweet baby. We were able to find out what we are having BUT we really want to share the news in person with our family at Thanksgiving before we announce it to all.

Thank you everybody for being so excited for us and I know you understand the reason for the wait.

I will say we got to see the sweet baby's foot and saw the hands behind the head just relaxing in there.

I'm starting to feel movement pretty often and LOVE it.

Now that I know what will great us in April I have been brainstorming and searching for nursery ideas. I have a few things in mind but I just haven't made up my mind yet. Another thing I need help deciding is if I should put the baby in Arabelle's nursery and make a  new big girl room for her in the guest room so she can be a part of the process and take naps in her big girl bed before transitioning to full on no crib once baby gets here OR Should I leave Arabelle in her room, her domain? Please give me your thoughts on this.


On a different note...over the past few days we have spent a lot of time around this thing

 It started with Arabelle....went to Momma....then went to Dadda. Now Arabelle is back to herself.......Dadda is back to his pizza and hot fries self....and Momma.....still eating soup and crackers. What's up with that?

I really can't complain, I feel 100 times better than I did at the start of the weekend.


And now I'm getting all excited about Christmas.

Christmas Music
Christmas Smells
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Eating

I'm gearing up to get all crafty with some friends. We're going to do a series of Handmade Christmas projects in the evenings after the babes go to bed. I kinda can't wait. Everybody is welcome so if you want information on this let me know.

The first night will involve lots of hot glue guns, glue, glitter, old book pages, and coffee filters. Here's a little peak at some of the ideas I have in mind.


  1. In my very humble opinion, as the oldest in a family, I'd leave Arabelle in her room. She's already going to be giving up her bed, let her keep her room. Can't wait to see the crafty projects and find out what the baby flavor is. I have my suspicions. I'm thinking sister. Love y'all!

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  2. I'd leave her in her own room. She's gonna be the big sister and that means a bigger room! It's one of the perks of being the oldest!

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  3. I don't know how to advise you about the baby room but I am really looking forward to our craft night!!!

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  4. I'm with the other two, Robyn. I think it would be best to leave Arabelle in her own room.
    Having a new little brother/sister will be a big deal for her and keeping things the same as possible is really important. Toby was really jealous the first few weeks with Emily. Granted the kid was only a year old when he became a big brother, but the change was more difficult for him than I thought it would be.
    And the idea of starting the new bed is perfect!
    Good luck with the crafts. If my world ever decides to slow down for an hour or two, I'll be knocking on your door!

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  5. not sure I care who gets what room... as long as I (oh, and Jason) still have a place to sleep : )
    sad you were so sick and glad it's on the uphill at least!

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  6. No idea on the baby stuff...I will be taking tips in a few years from the rest of you!

    Nathan and I had the same stomach bug so I feel you---talk about miserable!! When it happened I told Nathan I couldn't imagine what we would have done if we had a baby!

    Looking forward to our craft night---such a great idea! Oh and seriously, hurry up and tell your family! I can't wait to find out!

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  7. I've wanted to make a coffee filter wreath since I saw it on the nester... let me know how it turns out!!!

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