Monday, October 18, 2010

Rub some oil on your face

Okay..So I'm about to get all hippy on ya..... even though I grew up with a good friend that lived in a converted school bus with an outhouse whose parents made moccasins for a living AND had a  babysitter that was a belly dancer with hair so long it swept the floor I don't call myself a granola woman but I do love a life of simplicity and the absence of chemicals and scary stuff in the things we use and consume as a family.

It's obvious that often times the food we consume comes from a scary place with scary ingredients in it but what about the products we clean our bodies with? Humm.... that opens a whole other can of worms.

I began to wonder how safe my face-wash was if it was bleaching the towel I DRIED my face with. 
My dear friend Lynsey opened me up to the idea of the Oil Cleansing Method. I'm not going to re-write everything that is already so well written so go on over and read up even if your not ready to give it a try the article has a lot of good information that makes you go, hugh?

I know most of you think I'm crazy to suggest that you rub oil on your face but when you think about it....Acid...scares me a bit more than oil now that I think about it.

My face has never felt better and I love this part of my nighttime routine.

Right now I'm using a mixture of Castor oil and Coconut oil and I love the smell the coconut oil leaves me with.

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  1. Okay Robyn, because your deodorant advice changed my life forever, I've decided to try this too. My skin is supercrazy dry all the time, so I'm not quite as scared of oil as some folks may be. Hoping to have good results to share soon! Thanks.

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