Monday, June 14, 2010


Last week we went to Dell Diamond to watch the Cub Baseball team in the State Championship game and the Cubs won!!!!

Here we are on our way to the game.

At the game.

Mary came to Texas this week to drop Luke off at Camp and she came by for a visit. We look forward to seeing the whole gang next week when she gets to pick him up.

Of course I took her to Blue Bell before I sent her back to healthy Boulder Colorado.

Every evening Matt fills up the pool for Arabelle and we play out there until it's time to go to bed. This girl loves water, loves to play in it and loves to drink it.


  1. She is growing up so fast! I can't believe she is over a year old! :) So sweet. I'm definitely going to get a kiddie pool for me and Abby Kate...I'm thinking we'll put it up on the porch under the shade and both get in when it gets super hot this summer.

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  2. I love the picture of her laughing!! Thank you Robyn for the blog. It makes me feel that I am watching Arabelle grow up. Love you all

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  3. Brode LOVES the water, too. We should get them together this summer before we move!!


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