Friday, March 19, 2010

King of the road

We started off with a trip to Frost to see Nonnie and Pawpaw. Arabelle needed to talk to Pawpaw to let him know that Mom and Dad are "trying" their hand at a garden but not to think for one second that we wont need his garden goods.

Matt is always telling me stories about his childhood out in the country and living on the dairy. I had this image in my mind but really wanted to see it for myself. We ventured out through his old stompin grounds and went by the dairy, where their house had been, where his Dad's childhood home had been and saw his Uncle Kevin out by the farm.

Then we had to go to Collin Street Bakery and get Matt's favorite cookies. And because we were so close to the Chocolate Factory we decided to stop there too.

We drove back home to Brenham. Arabelle was tired.

Then we were off to Fredericksburg.

As we were driving in we stopped at the Wildflower farm to look at the fields of dirt where all the pretty flowers will soon be.

Then we ate lunch at Rather Sweet. Arabelle enjoyed being outside by the water fountain and we enjoyed our delicious food. If your ever in the area this place is a must!

Later we settled into our B&B so that Arabelle could take a nap, once she woke up we went for a walk and found a park. They didn't have the bucket swings so Arabelle got to play in the dirt for the first time. She didn't dig it so much, the texture seemed too hard for her delicate skin.

Arabelle was loving time with her Daddy!

Baby girl got sick and was up all night coughing the first night there so we decided to cut the trip short. We quickly drove by Enchanted Rock, Trade Days and Circle E Candle Factory....all things we were going to do and will go next time we go and little Belle is feeling better.

We had so much fun and can't wait for the summer. Look at the peach blossoms....I can taste the peach jamboree already.

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