Thursday, March 8, 2012

French Fry

When I was pregnant with Bubby I often wondered if he was going to attach to a special item that I carefully chose and placed in his nursery.Would it be a special blanket or teddy bear, or perhaps a plastic french fry from an assortment of play food? Yes...I think that will be what he will love and cherish and carry everywhere. A simple and unpredictable plastic french fry.

I'm so thankful it came with an "order" of fries and there are 7 total. I keep one on reserve just in case all others go missing. First thing in the morning he searches the house over until he finds a fry and he doesn't let it go.

Oh and y'all don't worry he doesn't put it in his mouth, he just carries it in his fist wherever he goes.

Does your child have an unpredictable favorite? I love hearing stories of what other children attach to. More often than not it is something completely random.


  1. Eeyore makes everything better at my house. Without him I think sleep would have ever come. I have become eternally grateful to a stuffed Eeyore!

  2. emma loves her 12th man towel. we have several on reserve.

  3. Oh, my goodness! That is hilarious and adorable! And I love the pic that looks like she is "shushing" him while she tries to read to him!
    T has some favorite toys, but he hasn't attached to anything specific yet.

  4. My sixteen month old daughter is quite tall for her age, so she is nervous about walking(she seems to feel kinda "tippy":)). However, if she holds onto my husbands old wallet, she can brave a few steps. Love my little weirdos!

  5. Simeon LOVES his blanket. When we was really little we put him to bed without it and he SCREAMED! We couldn't figure out what was wrong so it finally clicked that he was attached to his blankey! As soon as we gave it to him he was out cold.

  6. My son was very attached to his spoons for a while. I wasn't expecting that one! I have a picture of him with a handful of spoons and the biggest grin on his face. My nephew really liked the garden rocks at my parent's house. Ha!